Swainby, Carlton Bank, Lord Stones, Kirkby, Carlton-in-Cleveland, Faceby & Whorlton

Saturday 21st November 2020

Another local walk due to the current lockdown restrictions. Todays walk took me from Swainby and onto the Cleveland Hills, in particular Carlton Bank and all the way north to Cringle Moor where I turned left and headed towards Kirkby. The route back took me to Great Busby, Carlton-in-Cleveland, Faceby, and Whorlton.

An area that I often walk with my wife and sometimes my daughter, although today I ventured much further than usual. To be honest it wasn’t one of the most enjoyable of walks. I descended from Carlton Bank on a poor path rather than the usual Cleveland Way one – this was a poor decision as there was little benefit other than following a route not previously walked by myself. Plus, the path around the western side of Cringle Moor was a quagmire and made for unpleasant walking. I also decided to stick to the country roads on the way back, so there wasn’t much joy over a few miles of treading the tarmac and having to smile at cyclists.

I’ll certainly pick a better circular next week, but all the same, the views from the Cleveland Hills were as impressive as always and I got a good bit of exercise in reasonable weather for November - not too far from home.

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Distance: 13.8 miles
Duration: 5:00 hours
Ascent: 1953 ft
Difficulty: Moderate
Accompanied By: On my Own
Weather: Mild, Breezy with showers

3D outline of route