Ingleby Greenhow, Cleveland Way, Bloworth Crossing & Round Hill

Saturday 5th December 2020

A lovely local walk on a crisp winter’s morning in the Cleveland Hills. A much more enjoyable walk than I had experienced a couple of weeks ago just a few miles further west. Today the air was clear with good all-round views of the moors, hills and of course Teesside and there was still some warmth in the low winter sun which made for a very pleasant day.

I started at Bank Foot near Ingleby Greenhow where there are a number of good parking spaces, mainly used by dog walkers by the looks of it – I didn’t see any proper walkers until I was about half way round my route. I headed up the bank to the Cleveland Way and walked alongside Ingleby Moor before a sharp right turn at Bloworth Crossing. Relics of a bygone era could be spotted dotted about from the old railway days when iron ore was brought to Middlesbrough from Rosedale by train and the ore filled trucks were lowered down the Ingleby incline whilst pulling empty trucks back up.

Next a visit to the summit of Round Hill, before descending down into Greenhow Bottom and the lush farmland. The route back was via the old railway line/path from the Ingleby Incline which heads in the direction of Battersby Junction..

Maybe not the lakes, but an enjoyable trip out all the same.

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Distance: 10.4 miles
Duration: 3:45 hours
Ascent: 1376 ft
Difficulty: Moderate
Accompanied By: On my Own
Weather: Cool & Dry

3D outline of route