Pennine Way Day 1 - Edale to Crowden

Saturday 26th June 2021

Pennine Way Day 1 - Edale to Crowden (Torside Reservoir)

The official Pennine Way begins in Edale, next to the Old Nags Head pub and starts relatively easy, that is until you reach the bottom of Jacob’s Ladder, then it’s uphill all the way to Edale Rocks and the Kinder plateau.

After walking past Kinder Low trig point, then on to Kinder Downfall the path descends to Mill Hill before heading across flagstoned moorland to the Snake Pass Road. Then it's Bleaklow Moor and Clough Edge before reaching todays destination - Torside Reservoir.

The crossing of Bleaklow is made much easier these days due to the use of stone slabs, reclaimed from the demolition of local cotton mills - This was a feature often repeated throughout the first few days of the southern section of the Pennine Way. Mile after mile of perfectly laid paths, it must of been one significant undertaking.

Our first taste of the Pennine Way and you could tell it wasn't going to be a walk in the park.

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Distance: 15.9 miles
Duration: 6:30 hours
Ascent: 2816 ft
Difficulty: Moderate/Hard
Accompanied By: Davy, Rob & Arch
Weather: Dry & Fine

3D outline of route