Hubberholme, Buckden, Cray & Langstrothdale

Tuesday 26th July 2022

Hubberholme, Buckden, Cray & Langstrothdale.

This was indeed a lovely walk in such beautiful Yorkshire countryside - I had originally intended to just do a circular walk around Hubberholme, Buckden and Cray. But me being me, I had to go and extend it didn't I. The problem is, is that the walk from Yockenthwaite to Beckermonds (in Langstrothdale) is just so fantastic, I had to include it in the day as well, even though it was an 'out and back', which is normally something I avoid at all costs. One of the best riverside strolls you can have, in such a quiet landscape, is worth breaking a rule for.

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Distance: 12.3 miles
Duration: 5:00 hours
Ascent: 1099 ft
Difficulty: Moderate
Accompanied By: On my Own
Weather: Drizzle at first - Sunny Later

3D outline of route