Grike, Crag Fell & Lank Rigg

Saturday 22nd February 2020

Grike, Crag Fell & Lank Rigg.

A reasonably easy walk today - I had planned to do a St Sunday Crag walk, but when I arrived at Ullswater heading for Patterdale, the lakeside road had become part of the lake, with waves hitting the far side of the road ! a few cars had stopped - No way was I going to risk it, so I turned the car round and thought of fells that I hadn't been to for a while and were at a higher starting point. I chose the Ennerdale area, and set off for an extra 30mins of driving.

The weather today was not pleasant at all, strong winds - so strong that when I was putting my boots on my size 12 trainers got blown away !! The walk was also punctuated by wicked hail storms that fell like dart points piercing the exposed skin. Fortunately, I was well wrapped up and only small areas of my face were exposed to the sharp bullets.

I still managed to really enjoy the walk and also ticked off a path that I had never walked before, so although not a classic, I still returned home pleased to have got a walk in - when I could quite as easily stayed at home having seen the forecast.

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Distance: 9.4 miles
Duration: 4:15 hours
Ascent: 2700 ft
Difficulty: Moderate
Weather: Very Windy

Wainwrights Visited

3D outline of route