Cleveland Way Day 6 - Runswick Bay to Robin Hoods Bay

Friday 5th January 2024

Cleveland Way Day 6 - Runswick Bay to Robin Hoods Bay

Plenty of cliff top walking and also quite a few ups and downs as we tackle the sixth day of our Cleveland Way walk. We visited familiar places along the way with Sansdend and then the every popular Whitby and it's fantastic Abbey. I must have visited Whitby a hundred times, but it was great passing through the Whalebone Arch and past Captain Cooks statue whist doing the Cleveland Way. After Whitby, we headed for Robin Hoods Bay along the coastline and also joined the Coast to Coast path that we remembered so well from 2016.

Unfortunately, this walk along the cliff tops was done under extremely wet conditions, we have had a very wet month or so and the ground was absolutely saturated - We had wrongly assumed that being generally high up it may have been dry enough for a good walk. How wrong we were ! having to endure mile after mile of squelchy mud which seemed to last forever. We didn't look much at the views as we spent most of the time staring downwards as to where to place the next boot.

We discussed how we had started this long distance walk in the summer on a day walk basis (rather than doing it in one hit over a week or so) and we had honestly expected to have wrapped it up by now, but available days just didn't appear, so it's taken us much longer than expected. The end is certainly getting nearer, but I think we will leave it a couple of months to dry out before wrapping this one up at Filey.

Not the best of days I'm afraid, due to the conditions underfoot.

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Distance: 15.6 miles
Duration: 6:15 hours
Ascent: 1906 ft
Difficulty: Moderate
Accompanied By: Davy
Weather: Overcast

3D outline of route