C2C Day 10 - Osmotherley to Blakey Ridge

Thursday 11th August 2011

C2C Day 10 - Osmotherley to Blakey Ridge

I don't mind admitting, that for me was the hardest day of the entire Coast to Coast walk. There were some climbs along the 20 or so miles, and nearly 4000ft of ascent, but I think the weather really had an impact. It was pretty awful, weather wise.

This area is reasonably familiar territory for us - it within easy reach of our homes and many a summer evening is spent walking different parts of the Cleveland Way, often around the Osmotherley area. We visited many well known places such as The Wainstones, Hasty Bank & Clay Bank before heading out into the moors via the old Bloworth Crossing. After that it is pretty flat going across the moorland following old railway line across Farndale and High Blakey Moors.

The moorland oasis is reached in the form of the Lion Inn at Blakey. Bleak and isolated, it's a hive of activity and the atmosphere on the evening is excellent. With a great history, choice of real ales, good food and loads of walkers - you can't fail to have a good time here, its a must - and always the first place I book up.

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Distance: 20.5 miles
Duration: 8:15 hours
Ascent: 3652 ft
Difficulty: Hard
Accompanied By: Paul
Weather: Heavy Rain and Overcast

3D outline of route