South Downs Way Day 5 - Lewis to Eastbourne

Monday 20th May 2013

South Downs Way Day 5 - Lewis to Eastbourne (Southease).

This walk was done well before I ever considered having a walking diary website, so the memories of those five days are limited - as are the photographs available for use. So, I'm recording what I have, but it falls short of the records that I would like to present.

After getting dropped off at Southease railway station, we continued along the crest of the South Downs escarpment to Alfriston - A very 'picture perfect' village on the South Downs Way although it was also pretty busy. We had booked up here for the last night in preference to staying in Eastbourne (which we didn't really fancy) and had to stay out of town at a B&B as we couldn't get anywhere in the town itself.

The walk from Alfriston to Eastbourne was through the Cuckmere Valley and then enduring the 'ups and downs' of the spectacular 'Seven Sisters' (Or as Dicko reckons - "The Seventeen Sisters !!). A slightly challenging end to the trail before the enjoyable stroll along Beachy Head and the chalk cliffs jutting out into the English Channel.

Then it's down to the hill to the end of the South Downs Way !!

A tiring walk across Eastbourne followed to get Rob & Arch back to their railway station and we then jumped in a taxi to Alfriston.

We really finished the walk off in style with Dicko & Sian by enjoying great night out in Alfriston, even being allowed to stay in The George until the early hours (as they were staying as guests) before me and Davy, in a drunken state, had to find our B&B a mile down a country lane in pitch black conditions with high hedgerows either side of the lane and nowhere to jump if a car was to appear. Fortunately none did, and with the help of the tiny torch on our room key - we lived to tell the tale !

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Distance: 21.1 miles
Duration: 9:00 hours
Ascent: 3295 ft
Difficulty: Moderate
Accompanied By: Davy, Rob, Arch & Dicko
Weather: Drizzle & showers

3D outline of route