Great Borne, Starling Dodd, Red Pike & Ennerdale

Sunday 6th March 2022

Great Borne, Starling Dodd, Red Pike & Ennerdale.

A fantastic walk in lovely warm (March) sunshine.

It sometimes doesn't get any better than this, as someone I know would sometimes say. To walk in amongst the beauty of the lakes with clear skies and warm sunshine having just got through a wet and cloudy winter, it was a much welcome relief today to have a taste of the summer to come. With all the troubles in the world Covid/Ukraine etc. it was lovely to escape to the tranquility and beauty of lakelands finest Ennerdale and some of its surrounding fells. I could really spend all my life here - I would miss my family and football and Friday nights and take-aways though, so maybe not - Plus my wife wouldn't let me anyway. But for 5 glorious hours today, I had nothing else to worry about other than where was the best place to sit down in the sun and enjoy my lunch.

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Distance: 8.5 miles
Duration: 5:15 hours
Ascent: 3271 ft
Difficulty: Hard
Accompanied By: On my Own
Weather: Sunny

3D outline of route