Autumn Walk 2021 - Castleton Moor & Danby Dale

Friday 15th October 2021

Its been over 18 months since we have been let loose into the countryside to re-start our bi-yearly pub crawl event. We are so much out of sync, this has been titled an 'Autumn Walk' rather than the usual Summer or Winter ones. The debate is now whether to have a Spring one to complete the set. Lets just wait and see.

Todays walk/crawl was limited in mileage but also in pub numbers - they either don't exist or are no longer opening all day. It's getting harder and harder to arrange a suitable walk to keep everyone happy. Fortunately, most were content with 3 hours of walking and the 6 hours of drinking - actually when I think about it, I had the least amount of moaning and whinging on this one compared to any of the others. So maybe this is the future !

For once we took advantage of the train and boarded the Esk Valley line to Whitby just after 10am and departed off at Castleton Moor where fortunately the now very smart Eskdale Pub was just opening up for the day (probably the only one for miles around that catered for the early walker/drinker), so it was a hop, skip and a jump from Platform 1 to rest our weary legs for the first couple of the day.

The next stretch was the only real walk of the day - heading up through Castleton itself and into the very picturesque Danby Moor before lunch at the Fox & Hounds in Ainthorpe. Nice beer and a lovely meal.

Next stop was Danby, only 15 minutes down the lane followed by a couple of hours in the Duke of Wellington. As the light began to fade, we headed back along the Esk Valley Way to Castleton and spent the rest of the day in the Downe Arms before grabbing a quick whisky on our way back to the station at the Eskdale. As the trains only turn up every four hours and this was the last of the day, it was important not to overdo our last stop.

Upon our return, the hardier members of the group managed to head off into town and somehow continue the days celebrations - For me, it was time to take off my boots and head home.

A great day out all round ! I've missed all this over recent times, roll on our next trip !

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Distance: 7.5 miles
Duration: 9:15 hours
Ascent: 1058 ft
Difficulty: Moderate/Easy
Accompanied By: Davy, Dicko, Ste, Mark, Casino & Rob
Weather: Dry, Fine & Sunny Intervals

3D outline of route